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Space Research links
The Nine Planets - For Kids - Great information!  Be sure to visit here!

Enchanted Learning - Information about just about everyting in our solar system

Kid - Some great information on the planets can be found here!

NASA's page on the Solar System for kids - Includes asteroids, comets, moons and more!

National Geographic - A nice page about the solar system which includes conets and asteroids.

BBC Solar System page - includes lots of moons, planets, and other information

NASA Space Place - science page - May have some great information for you!  Avoid the games when researching.

Timeline of Space Exploration at Wikipeida


Planetary  Orbits at Nine Planets
What is an orbit at NASA

The Moon
9 Planets for Kids
More Moon Facts for kids! page
Moon exploration - National Geographic
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (current mission to the Moon) at NASA  and a page of videos 
A list of missions to the moon current, past, and future
A visual timeline of lunar missions

Asteroid Belt
Astronomy for kids 
Ask an Astronomer
More information
Asteroids and Comets at National Geographic

The Sun
SOHO Observatory
The Sun at Nine Planets
The Sun at NASA
Why The Sun is studies at different wavelengths of light at NASA
The Sun at Universet Today, a bit hard to read (contains some YouTube videos)
Sun Facts at Space Facts
Sun Facts at Science for Kids

Astronomy for kids
BBC article on stars - scroll down a bit to read it.
How Stuff Works

Asteroids and Comets at National Geographic
Comets for Kids
Rosetta Mission to a comet at ESA - a bit hard to navigate!

A page about Sputnik - the first man-made satelite page

Black Holes
NASA page
Kids Astronomy page
National Geographic article

Inventions Inspired by the Space Program
Link page on this topic

Internation Space Station
NASA page
ESA page

Constellations at Ducksters
Constellations at  Covers constellations in different seasons
Do the Constellations ever change? At Nasa - includes audio of the article.

Universe today - What is a Nebula
Kids Astronomy Nebula Page
Ask an Astronomer Nebula Page
Information about 20 different Nebulae  Note: contains YouTube videos

Milky Way Galaxy
Enchanted Learning page about the Milky Way
Universe Today page about the Milky Way
NASA Milky Way page
European Space Agency page
e-How page about the Milky Way

Apollo 13 article about Apollo 13 - several pages long
Information about the mission and details on the crew of Apollo 13
BBC page about Apollo 13 - includes 2 videos
Some mission facts

Neil Armstrong
Easy to read fact filled page about Neil Armstrong
A nicely written biography of Neil
A three page article at
NASA biography of Neil Armstrong

Planetary Rovers
JPL page about Spirit and Opportunity  mn m   m,n ,
Spirit and Opportunity information
A JPL page about exploring Mars
NASA page about the Curiosity rover

Dawn mission at Ceres - at NASA

Juno mission to Jupiter - at NASA
Juno  - at JPL - good hi resolution images!

Cassini Mission (current mission)  at NASA
Cassini Mission (currnt mission) at JPL  (not as good)
Where is Cassini now?

New Horizions mission to Pluto at  JPL
New Horizions mission to Pluto at NASA
Pluto basic facts at Nasa

European Space Agency article
Space for Kids article
The Meteror Crater (in Arizona)  Not too much infomarion though
Meteors at NASA

NASA biref article
One more article
One more!
National Geographic page

Space Shuttle
NASA page
What is the Space Shuttle
Astronomy for Kids
How they launch the Shuttle

Challenger Disaster
Some basic facts at Duckster page on the disaster. Some advertisments and a video.
Popular Mechanics an oral history of the disaster

Rockets and The History of Rocketry
Easy to read liquid fuled rockets history
The Basics of Rocketry
Some rocket facts
National Geographic video about rocketry
NASA - What is a Rocket?
Rocket Timeline - student project